Four Hibiscus Scarf

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Image of Four Hibiscus Scarf Image of Four Hibiscus Scarf

This one piece limited edition was hand made produced following two different practices: bundle dyeing and Japanese technique, Hapazome. The art of transferring botanical dyes from flowers and leaves onto fabric.

Every piece was treated like a painting.

Rajshahi silk is the name given to the one of the highest quality silk produced in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. It is famous because it is used for clothing, especially for saris.

Records date the beginning of silk production in the region to the 13th century. It was then known as Bengal silk or Ganges silk.


Product details:

· Material: 100% natural silk from Rajshahi

· Dimensions: 44cmx44cm

· Type of silk: Balaka silk, incredibly lightweight with a slight papery hand-feel and crinkle texture.

· Be gentle when washing. Use natural detergents, and do it by hand.