Botanical Alchemy Kit

Image of Botanical Alchemy Kit

The kit includes all the materials to make a Claytho's Scarf.

You are going to do an exercise of connection with your inner self, through the senses. By creating a beautiful atmosphere you will be able to be present in the space, with your mind focused on what’s surrounding you.

There’s something incredibly gratifying about botanical dyeing, that makes it seem like an antidote to the fast pace of normal life.

Maybe it’s about connecting with colour, and how it revives the senses after hours spent on screens. Or the way it provides an exercise in delayed gratification, as a reminder to wait occasionally in a fast-moving world.
It could even be the complete unpredictability of the final result, gently encouraging us to give up control and let nature do its thing.

The technique works by creating imprints of flowers, petals, leaves, herbs and vegetables onto a sample of natural fabric.

What's inside the box?

❋ An original booklet with instructions, pro-tips & tricks, and gentle guidance on how to use
❋ A bunch of natural local flowers from the garden
❋ Fun brightly coloured organic natural dye extract powders
❋ A 55 x 55 cm length of Bangladeshi-grown balaka silk from Rajshahi
❋ A length of string for fastening your bundle
❋ Fresh cone incense by Lotus from Phokhara, Nepal
❋ A custom curated playlist to listen to while you create

You will need some simple kitchen equipment - including a heat source, stainless steel pot with lid and a strainer or steamer.